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Anime Tube® Prototype

Multiple genre filters help narrow down your show selections faster!

Chat with other anime users around the world by joining Anime Chat!

Aimi-chan is YOUR virtual assistant to help you find something to watch!

* Disclaimer: The depiction of products or images is for demonstration purposes only.

Anime Tube® vs The Competition

Unique Features

Wading through thousands of anime shows takes time. Use MULTIPLE genres to quickly find a show - a simple and powerful feature, yet even NETFLIX doesn't offer it!

Free Anime

We provide ALL of our licensed content for FREE (with ads) or users can choose to subscribe to remove ads. The competition DO NOT allow full content access, only their subscribers can access all their content.

Chat with Other Users

In a safe and fun environment, users have the opportunity to chat with other anime fans around the world to get get recommendations on shows and discuss their passion for anime!

Focus on Anime Enthusiasts

Through the use of crowdfunding, we can continue to give anime users what they WANT instead of being controlled by venture capital investors or corporations, who are strictly focused on profit and financial gain to drive the product. That's a roll you DON'T want to crunch on!

Testimonials from Anime Tube's Original App

"Without Anime Tube, I would be bored out of my mind. Thank you developers for the best app. I just LOVE Anime Tube!!!"

- Stephen

"The best app for on hand anime. I used to spend days looking up series. but now I just use this app with ease."

- Robert

"Anime Tube is an excellent app for old and young. It will keep you entertained for hours. It is fun for all ages."

- James

About Us

Game Face, LLC has been designing and developing mobile applications for the past 10 years on Windows 10 and Xbox One.


Founder / Owner

George leads the way with 25+ years of successful, high quality software development and team leadership experience which includes developing software for two years in Japan and 10+ years of mobile app and console development.

With his education of a BS in Computer Science and a minor in Japanese, he has a great love for Japanese culture and arts. His immersion into Japanese culture led him to obtain a black belt in Shotokan Karate while his passion for anime led him to the development of Anime Tube.

Fave anime: Princess Mononoke, Attack on Titan, and Death Note.


Accountant / Human Resources

Konnie is our accountant, HR rep, and has handled customer service and staff support for the past 8 years for our team.

Her BS in Psychology and minor in Sociology has been invaluable with handling a large community base and providing excellent customer service for our user base around the world.

Fave anime: Grave of the Fireflies (a real tear jerker)


Community Manager

Wendy is our Community Manager, providing customer support and keeping anime enthusiasts engaged in Anime Chat for the past two years.

She has extensive customer support experience which includes chat and forum admin moderation for various companies.

In her spare time, Wendy enjoys various crafts including origami.

Fave anime: Howl’s Moving Castle


Anime Community Expert / Tester

Karsten has developed connections with hundreds of anime enthusiasts over the years due to his love of anime. Through his connections, he provides our team with valuable insight and ideas for new product features while testing.

Karsten is currently studying Computer Science and Video Game Design.

Fave anime: My Hero Academia and Sword Art Online



Ian is one of our top testers. With his great attention to detail, he has consistently found and documented the most action items in our apps, helping to ensure the apps run smoothly and efficiently for updates. He continues to be one of our most valuable team members.

Ian is studying Computer Science and Video Game Design.

Fave anime: Rising of the Shield Hero.



Aidan has been one of our key software testers over the past 10 years, finding several issues during our test phase leading to high quality products being delivered upon release.

He is studying Pre-Med.

Fave anime: Dragon Ball Z and One Piece